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About Excel Nurse Staffing

Learn more about why we're dedicated to providing excellent medical care staffing solutions

Matching healthcare workers and organizations
When the right medical staff find the right places to work, the result is better patient care.

At Excel Nursing Staffing, you can count on our nurses, CNAs, mental health workers, and patient sitters to perform effectively every time, improving the units they work in, adding value for our clients and creating better experiences for patients.

All of our staff are well-educated, often with masters degrees. Some have served as directors and managers, and bring with them all of the benefits that come with plenty of work experience.

Few other nurse staffing agencies are actually owned and operated by nurses, and in addition to supplying specialized healthcare workers like psychiatric nurses. The value we have to offer to your medical organization sets us apart from many other staffing companies on the market.

Whether you're looking to expand your medical team or find the next step in your nursing career, Excel Nurse Staffing can help you get there.


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